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lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

There are a few....

things i want to do this month regarding make-up...

but I don't want to say them....  everything i've promise, well maybe not everything and only make-up related, but a good part of them  have never be done, weird... I feel cursed :/

So I've formulated this ritual to start well the 2011 : I'm gonna do things but never unveil what I'm going to do or intentions...etc

Anyway to Actually do something I have to project and plan few things out, let me know what you think of my "plan" , actually is the only I have ( that means CRAP! I need a Plan b , 'cos everyone has a plan b on earth!)

I never wear silver+ glitter  but they are pretty wintery and silver+ blue+black = Icy LOVE :)

I used:
  • My madina eyeshadow base - from their revolution line ( has sparkles in it)
  • Kiko eyeshadow #84 
  • a silver from my new 88 palette , this is a 3rd version which has different colours :)
  • My the body shop palette - winter collection
  • shadestick kiko #11 
  •  a teal shadow from my elf 100 colors palette to set the shadestick in my waterline
  • obviously mixing medium to stick glitters :)

Now ... if you have a blog and you want a really good amount of  pictures you must not only own a really good camera but In my opinion you should correct saturation and Hue, we all know photoshop right?
but it has his own complexity and price.
well I was contacted by the Google team which invited me in using their application Picnik
Picnik is totally free, you don't have to be registered and has a really good amount of free functions.
Photoshop is 30 times better but picnik is free and you can do pretty much a good editing, plus if you buy the premium for a really good price ( year based) you have more then a double of the functions avaible, cool hu?
the only downside of it , which i've found is that it does not have masks or layers and there are some functions wich can be found as limited edition ( I hate the word "limited").

anyway they asked me to do somethin to show its potential
and here you have it!

I completely F***ed my sign on the photos but you can have an idea of how well this would work for youtube previews ( if you are a partner) or just as a video intro :)
Remember to add sings later!

Take care


15 commenti:

  1. oddio laraaaa... è strepitosoooo!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Una Lara "Glitterosa"...Toga anzi Toghissima! :D

  3. verissimo,tutorialino?! trucco meraviglioso!

  4. Simply amazing! I love the great combo of black, silver and glittery blue. Your pictures are wonderful!
    I would love to see the tutorial of this!

  5. you are so talented - I love your creations!

  6. thanks everyone :)

    awww lily I truly love your blog :D
    what a beautiful collecion of pictures! :)

  7. Perfetto per andare a ballare senza passare inosservate XD

  8. wow ma è stupendo...farai il video o già c'èe me lo sonopersa?

  9. La tua bravura è davvero folgorante...non so che altro dire...

  10. Bellissimo cara!
    (finalmente l'approvazione dei commenti come Anonimo =)

  11. ODDIO


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