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venerdì 7 gennaio 2011

Look what I've done :P

so in the recent past I had some sore trhoat and I was sick

so i apologize for my lack of posts but actually i was not wearing a whole lot of make-up, just eyeliner and lipgloss to make me look less sick :P

I know my vanity is something silly but even if i go to the supermarket i will wear eyeliner and lipgloss, of course eyebrows are included i don't want to seem marilyn manson-ish :P

here are two pics for you! :)
one was done completely with the Sleek-Bohemian Palette I got from  a Swap with a lovely english Lady ( oh, hello there!)
[ also my little kryolan palette helped me in the detailing thing on my lid ;) , do you believe I went shopping with this make-up? my baker loved it! :D ]

and the purple-blue one was done almost completely with kiko 's products :) (which is a really popular brand here in italy, also cheap and good quality ;) )

I apologize for the first being so small i can't manage to find the raw file so i had to download it from my fb page ;)

12 commenti:

  1. bravissima Lara :D mi piacciono moltissimo entrambi ♥

  2. Bello il trucco viola-blu :)
    Posso sapere quali sono i numeri o i prodotti della Kiko che hai usato ? ^_^

  3. davvero belli. Sempre più brava :)

  4. I'm in love with the first one *__*

  5. mi piace tanto il trucco sui toni del viola, è intenso e sofisticato, molto dramatic! *_* Specie il tocco blu scuro sotto l'angolo esterno dell'occhio, apre lo sguardo!

  6. della kiko
    ho usato il nero , il blu elettrico

    e poi un violetto che in negozio non credo si trovi nemmeno + una bivalva madina sempre viola ;)

  7. Oddio Lara il secondo è magnifico *_*

  8. Molto aslways ;-)

  9. chiaraaaaaaaaaaa!!! ESIGO il tutorial del secondo look ehehheeh bellissimo O_O

  10. bellissimi come sempre! il secondo è stupendo!

  11. Quoto per il tutorial del secondo *_*
    Meraviglioso!!!! Con dei colori così, mi sa che devo tornare ai capelli viola...
    Pleeaaaase... do it for your beloved followers. :)

  12. The coloures are really beautiful and looking great on your eyes



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