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martedì 23 febbraio 2010

Yt/AVG problems and No contest...

as the title say yes I had troubles with yt uploading
maybe for a bug in my email scanner or in the new upload method on the yt site

NO contest what a sad new

hopefully in the future I can enter other contests
and get inspired by others anywhere and anyhow , but it is kinda sad I have to say.

Time passed projecting my entry, all the lights, the intro, the tutorial parts , and how to explain in a language which is not mine.

thank for all the nice commets I virtually give you my Agnolotti :D

venerdì 19 febbraio 2010

Just something, preparing myself for a contest ;)

as promised my first post in english!

( It is really possible that I will make some mistakes but remember : " you did not see, ANything" :-D)

I wish to let you all know that I am preparing to partecipate a contest and today I was particularly inspired by reds, oranges and bright yellow tones.

It is just a try
In a Picture I do not even wear mascara and that says it all...

I hope you all are having great time ;)

ps theese are the falsies I am going to wear for the finished look and maybe tomorrow I will dye my eyelashes black ;D

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