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mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

[CLOSED] Contest " All Dolled Up" ( intenational)


So since is Xmas time and I have collected a bunch of goodies to send as a big Prize
why not to held a contest???
ANYONE can partecipate and the rules are very simple!

1- Follow this blog!
2- write a blog post on your own blog ( blogger is totally free so open a new one if you don't have it maybe you will like it! :) )

    what to write in it?
    well what's your favoutirte beauty trick? make-up? a body lotion? an homemade face mask?
    yep whatever you will chose from a particular make-up to a review of a product you cannot live  
    without , make sure to fullfill these criteria:
   - show me the before and after  with pictures
   - do not post images from google
   - do not post anything that is not of your property ( copyright)
   - no photoshop!
   - at the end of the post make sure to take a picture of the final result near a little piece of paper where your     must write you nickname, the date and the name of the contest ( to avoid Fakes ;) )

   here is an example (please take a picture of this near your final result not just the paper!)

3- only original posts! do not paste something you already did!
4 - to enter your partecipation after writing your post leave a comment down here as an answer with the link of your post and with your email so I can contact you! :)


  •  you can enter as many times as you want
  • you do not have necessarly to show your entire face ( so yay for shy people!)
  • if your are not at least 18 make sure to have your parental permission
  • I ship worldwide
  • contest deadline 25-Jan-2011 
  • languages accepted : English , Italian


the list :)
  1. Essence color&go 23 Sundancer - Bright yellow --->click
  2. Essence color&go 39 Lime it up - a true matte lime green --->click
  3. Essence Nail Art FreeStyle & tip painter - silver glitters --->click
  4. PuPa Lasting color 118 - pure white pearl--->click
  5. Pupa Lasting Colors 131 - Deep metallic royal blue --->click
  6. Deborah Atomic Red 5 - True Red Matte lipstick --->click
  7. Layla Eye-Art Extreme eyeshadow 7 - electric light blue as pigmented as the MUFE eyeshadow :) --->click
  8. Layla Creamy eyeshadow no transfer 6 - true yello gold can be used as a base for eyeshadow, it sets in a finish cream to powder :) --->click
  9. ELF eyelid primer sheer - dries completely trasparent --->click
  10. The body Shop Winter Trend 02 eyepalette Midnight ( the one shown is actually mine yours is wrapped in a gift pack ;) ) you can see it here ---> click
  11. Sleek Idivine Eyepalette The Original 594 -->click

I thought since some products are italian and can be find only in italy that they would be so interesting to try out ;)

Anyone can enter ! :)

See you soon!
bye :)

domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Tutorial - Base Trucco "Glowy" - Fresh Make-up

sorry for my foreign followers but this vid  is in italian

this picture is and example :)

prodotti usati

Michael todd cosmetics - picture perfect primer
Illamasqua cream foundation #cf135
kiko full coverage concealer #01
mufe camouflage palette ( green-peach)
elf mineral booster powder
kiko fix wet&dry foundation #02
illuminante Madina Trylly fairy dust
Pupa Collezione Rebel chic Blush #01

ps come da disclaimer alcuni prodotti li ho ricevuti, non li metterei d'altronde mai sul viso se non mi piacessero.
non sono pagata nè affiliata con nessuna casa cosmetica. queste sono le mie sacrosante opinioni :)
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