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sabato 27 novembre 2010

Jewel Teal & Taupe look


Long time no see :) !

I'm here to post a look I sported on a freaky Friday last night!

I truly love the eyeliner and the eyeshadow.
The first is from KIKO and the second is from MADINA:
-kiko definition Waterproof eyeliner #03
-Madina revolution Prismetallic Taupe Agate #018

The Lashes was a true surprise, this pair are from Paris Hilton by Elegantouch
and I bought it just to try without expecting anything particular but WOW , these lashes are super dramatic and winged!
apparently there is not a name to identify them but they are called " natural beauty" , but let me tell you this pair is not natural AT ALL! :D

on my face I had  the New hightliter from madina Calle Trilly Fairy Dust
and i Love it! is so sparkly and GOLD!

 On my lips I had a lipstick almost identical to "Warm me up" From MAC (Warm & Cozy collection)
and here a swatch from you!
the lipstick btw is by pupa and it's a new formula really similar to MAC amplified line but a little bit more moisturizing, definetely pigmented.

I think this can be use as a dupe also for Velvet Teddy which is slightly deeper :)

Last but not least my eyebrows:
MAC lingerine eyebrow pencil :)

Ps pupa and madina sent me the products for consideration

lunedì 15 novembre 2010

I miei smalti preferiti! :)

ecco l'elenco dei miei smaltini preferiti


per ogni info chiedetemi pure!

Layla Ceramic effect #13
Layla Ceramic effect #15 ----- Demone in boccetta!
Layla Ceramic effect #12
Layla Ceramic effect #24

Rimmel Lycra pro Matte

Essence xxl Spicy
Essence xxl All Access

venerdì 5 novembre 2010

I famosi Eroi Di quella famosa settimana di Ottobre 15-22


Sarò schietta, sono sempre, costantemente e "puntualmente" in ritardo
con tutto, tranne che con il ciclo che mi grazia sempre anticipando al più.

Ma qui divaghiamo nel personale;
io non so chi siate voi o cosa vogliate e mi sorprenderebbe sapere che voi invece sapete tutto, inizierei a pensare a tende più spesse :P

Dunque Avevo introdotto il discorso degli eroi della settimana, improvviso occurrat : perdo il copriobbiettivo e mi riprometto di tenere al sicuro la mia piccola powershot fino al giorno in cui avrò un degno sostituto, ma, c'è un ma, ho comunque le foto dei famosi eroi.

per cui perchè non recensirli?

Guilty By Gucci & Evan Rachel Wood Make-up

I love Gucci, well who doesn't?
And I rapidly connect the word Gucci to Gold.
How could I resist to the new advertising look sported by the Beautiful blondie
Evan Rachel Wood?

The Fragrance is really sexy almost Feline but sincerly not that special As Alien by T.Mugler or Angel to justify the price which is in my opinion is caused more by the Name of brand than the product itself.
The Packaging Is all about gold : an heavy gold chrome phial of parfume not really sophisticated , more Gangsta I would say, with the Gucci Logo in the middle.

Onto the look, Amazing!

lunedì 1 novembre 2010

Azrael- the Angel OF Death


Recently I decided to start a serie dedicated to Darkness in make-up so here is my first creation and what I used.

The original gallery has been posted on facebook Azrael - Gallery

What I used:
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