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lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

not sure about that

yesterday I played around with make-up and chunky glitters;
my first intent was to partecipate to a contest but sincerly the pictures does not reveal the red glitters and the sparkly white (wich appears pure matte even if i used the Barrym dazzle pigment in pure white :O )

for the rest of my face i've used a billion of other things but mainly my 120 palette from beauties factory and my Kiko black eyeshadow ( the balckest black ever).

as face primer I've used my crystal glass from Madina, foundation from illamasqua (cream one) and elf mineral booster to set.

if you want to shop just google the brands.

the reason why im not sure is simple : new years eve- dramatic

here in italy red is the traditional color for NYE and I thought :" why not to give and edge by doing something metal-rock  like for a concert?"

but is my interpretation!

let me know :)

11 commenti:

  1. You might not be sure about this, but there's one thing I am sure of - you're gorgeous! =) I love your eyes and eyebrows. And the look looks fun.

  2. @nihrida awwwwthank you :D the lighting was awful anyway :D

  3. Mi piace la posa della prima foto! E' molto... Yeah!! :D

    Comunque,facendo la maestrina d'inglese, yesterday vuole il past simple non il past perfect, il loro uso è differente dall'italiano :P

  4. Che diavolaaaaaaaaa! So cool! <3

  5. Sempre stupenda!!!

  6. Un regalino per te sul mio blog! :)

  7. sei veramente un'artista Lara :D


  8. molto brava. il rosso non ci sta molto bene però...fa molto "donna presa a cazzotti".
    solo il mio parere :)

  9. I love your make up! You are so talented!


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