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mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

A Dark Snowhite?

Hello! longtime i did not post anything in english :)
i recently done a video doing my "alternative" version of a snowhite look.
I hope the annotations are clear as subtitles :)!

so i wanted to share what i used more precisely :
On the eyes:
- as a base milk jumbo eyepencil from nyx.
- madina ivory eyeshadow
- madina taupe from absolute eyeshadow.
-the bodyshop palette lim.ed. from last spring collection #01 a la mode (use a regular matte black)
- Vamp mascara from pupa
- eyelure falsies #151

For the lips:
- elf lip lock
-elf eye primer as lip primer
-kiko red pencil
-pupa kiss lipstick in #502

so here are some photos and the actual video!
i really hope you enjoyed my look ^_^

and here there's a bonus photo, i was playing with lights since im starting to be passionate about photography and my boyfriend picked this as his favourite out of the bunch:

XD  it makes me laugh so hard!


4 commenti:

  1. bellissima come sempre, Lara ^.^

  2. Ciao complimenti per il tuo blog, ti seguo anche su youtube volentieri ^_^
    Se ti fa piacere, ti aspetto sul mio!

  3. Ciao! ci assomigli molto a Biancaneve, tranquilla!!! =) ti seguo sempre volentieri su youtube.. ora anche qui =) sempre bravissima!!
    un abbraccio

    Memi's Diaries Blog

  4. In the photos the lipstick looks bright (almost neon) pink, and I had assumed that was key to the look until I looked at the makeup listing and saw it was supposed to be red.


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