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giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Lenti special FX by The Coloured contacts lenses & Co

first this is the website

I have to say that this lenses are extremely soft and completely cover my eye's color giving a really "eye-cathing look"
Also they are pretty cheap, but make sure to purchase the lens case if you don't have one and the little tweezers which are specific for eye lenses.
you can purchase also the lens' solution but in my opinion you can find it at the supermarket with no necessity of purchasing it online.
they are not the most extremely compfy lens I ever tried but Halloween comes once at year right?
Do not use them for more than 30 days ( mind eyes potential infections)

I was sent the item but the package arrived in 5 days which is excellent & no custom since is a Uk company.

actually my eyes are lighter than these particular pair -Acqua Panther;
so I can say that the actual color is a little bit more darker than what you can find swatched on the web site

 here are some Pictures :-*

I hope this was helpful ;)


1 commento:

  1. Sembrano vorrei provare quelle da zombie!! XD
    Ma sono una fifona incredibile, non riesco a mettere "qualcosa" negli occhi, mi impressiono facilmente...dovrei superare questa paura per halloween e fare un look pazzesco! :D
    PS: Bella, bella la nuova grafica del blog! ^^


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