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martedì 20 luglio 2010

Recent Looks

HEllo make-up Lovers

It's been a while since I Posted some pictures of my make-up experiments,
so here are some of my past looks I did not post:)

this black mouth was made with midnight media by M.A.C.
and Madina ( an italian brand) Lip products
(mostly lip pencils and clear gloss, this one really similar to the mac clear gloss)

Edited Later :
this look was my deep Desert Tutorial
you can find it in italian
chienkiri on yt

for this copper eye i used a little palette from Essence (summer collection)
a shadestick from Kiko in gold
falsies by Layla Cosmetics
and two shadows from Madina (absolute eyeshadows)



3 commenti:

  1. sei sempre piu' brava!e' un po' che non bazzico su youtube,e mi sono imbattuta ora nel tuo blog!complimenti!passa dal mio se ne hai voglia,anche se sono solamente all'inizio!!ciau

  2. Come vorrei poter sfoggiare questo colore delle labbra, è incredibile. Il trucco Deep desert mi piace moltissimo, brava Lara.


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